About us

brunner.ident is an independent, international operating distributor for electronic components and system supplier for the manufacturing industries in various branches. For over 20 years we meet successful our customers requirements.

We support their technical purchasing i.e. with our kitting service. This is a process that outsources the entire component supply procedure. It’s a single source for all the components – prepared and delivered ready for manufacture on a date that suits your production schedule.

We are supplying you project-orientated – with complete component kits, take care of warehousing and production of those components. All with the assurance of on-time-delivery.

This means you have the opportunity to streamline your vendor network and reduce administrative costs, reduce warehouse capacity, save on time-consuming and costly component sourcing. We offer you an all-round-service in purchasing – with a pricing that is in line with the demand of the competitive markets.

We are system supplier of renowned multi national corporations for more than 5 years and looking forward to offer you our cost-reducing service too.

Do you have need for reasonable components?

Request for an offer!

What we do for our customers

We seek to procure, store and picking items of production requirements in any quantity and deliver them to any location desired by the customer, so that they arrive on the specified date.

Do you have your head office in the USA or Canada and are you planning to set up a branch in Germany? We offer comprehensive support from one source, right up to interim CEO / CFO.


We are sourcing components, which we – independent from any manufacturer – provide you with. Our clients name their demand, and if possible – release alternatives or subtypes which we will find for them on the markets.

We are not bound to any manufacturer.

If there is no such alternative or substitute, or no release for such a component we search the global market for the supplier with the most favourable prices for the required product .

Our range of products includes all active, passive, electromechanical and mechanical components, furthermore standard-cables and customer specific lines and cables.

Durable high Performance Labels

  • Custom printed labels
  • High temperature labels
    RFID labels
  • Wire & Cabel labels
  • Thermal transfer ribbons


  • Thermal transfer printers
  • Dispensers
  • Barecodescanner
  • Handheld terminals
  • Displays
  • Inverters


  • Labels software
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